Connect Live through
Modern Technology

Indoor air quality is purified to an exceptional standard. Hospital-grade NCCO Oxygen Concentrator air purifiers eliminate viruses and volatile organic compounds, while an independent mechanical ventilation system promotes indoor air circulation. The team regularly checks and records air quality and adjusts it to ensure a fresh and comfortable environment at all times.

Smart Living

Every room is facilitated with call bells while digital tablets are available in all the suites so residents can organise their daily needs and stay in touch with staff for further assistance. Electric beds in the rooms and suites are equipped with 3- or 5-function height adjustment. The angle of the bed can be set to facilitate changes of position as well as enhance the safety of care services. A modern shower system is installed in every suite so residents can enjoy a safe and refreshing bathing experience.

Advanced facilities such as  wide-angle, infra-red bed detectors are also installed to ensure residents can move freely and safely. Touch-screens are fitted on every floor to help residents improving or maintaining their cognitive health, by keep tracking of the date, time and weather everyday.

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Address:Lobby on G/F and the front (or southern) portions of 1/F, 2/F and 3/F of 1 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong