Short Stay and
Respite Services

Sometimes we are unable to take care of elderly relatives for extended periods of time. Sometimes they may need to undergo various treatments or surgery, and the road to recovery afterwards is particularly important. Fortunately, Pine Residence offers a welcome solution with Short Stay and Respite Services to ease the burden of carers, at the same time, each guest will enjoy the best arrangement of short-term residential care service and geriatric rehabilitation. Specifically designed for those aged 60 and above, Short Stay and Respite Services welcomes your elderly relatives for short stays in our flagship Pine Care Group residence on Hong Kong Island. Besides enjoying top-notch vacation-level services, your elderly loved ones will also receive comprehensive professional care during their stay.

The 35,000 sq. ft. residence is equipped with rooms and facilities with different care levels to cater to individual needs. A multi-disciplinary team, a 24-hour nursing station and advanced medical equipment are on hand to provide professional services and top-quality medical care at a moment’s notice. During their stay, guests enjoy a spacious and comfortable environment, nutritious and tasty  meals designed by a qualified dietitian, a pleasant dining area, games such as Mahjong and social activities with other guests. So they really will feel they are on an enjoyable vacation.

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