Pine Care Point

A Premium Flagship in Shek Kip Mei

Conveniently situated in Shek Kip Mei, Pine Care Point is specifically designed to serve the special needs of elderly residents suffering from dementia. With an area of over 43,000 square feet, Pine Care Point offers 103 beds in various room configurations. While the majority of the rooms are offered as single rooms or single suites, 2-person to 4-person rooms are also available.



Pine Care Point provides a thematic space on each of its floors, namely; Community Space, Culture and Arts Space, as well as Elderly Vitality Space. Each floor is fitted with numerous facilities, with services and activities designed to provide the appropriate care for our residents ranging from early to late cognitive impairment.

Community Space

The first floor of Pine Care Point is a Community Space designed to strengthen the sense of security and belonging of elderly residents with cognitive disabilities. With the aim of stimulating the elderly residents’ memories and establishing their identities within the community, the space is created to simulate 1960s Hong Kong – an environment that is deeply familiar to our elderly residents.

In addition to the numerous facilities found in the Community Space, we also help our elderly residents to personalize their rooms with items such as photos of their families and other items of sentimental value. This will further strengthen their sense of belonging, easing the transition into Pine Care Point.

Nostalgic Restaurant   Nostalgic Street   Bus Stop     Grocery Store     Recreation Park     Indoor Garden     Sensory Wall     Sensory Room

Culture and Arts Space

The second floor of Pine Care Point is dedicated to cognitive impairment. The space is based on the theme of culture and arts. Through art and sensory stimulation, this area facilitates and encourages elderly residents who struggle to articulate their feelings to express their emotions through art, thus increasing communication with others and boosting their vitality.

Video Room    Calligraphy Room

Elderly Vitality Space

The Elderly Vitality Space on the third floor of Pine Care Point offers wide range of activities and games. Games, individual and team sports, and dance can enhance the elderly residents’ confidence and fulfillment, while increasing their strength and enthusiasm. Families are strongly encouraged to participate.

Yoga and Dance Room   Toy Library     Game Zone   Mediation Room   Salon   Physiotherapy Room

Pine Care Point

Shop G1B on G/F, and 1/F to 3/F, Maintown Plaza, 223 to 239 Nam Cheong Street,  Kowloon