Elderly Day Care Centre

Our Services

This centre provides high quality, elderly-oriented daytime nursing service to help the elderly maintain their ability to live full lives in society. The Centre also helps to ease the stress on family caregivers and enables family members to better understand the health and condition of their elderly relatives.


“Silver Age Coin” Programme

Silver Age “coins” can be earned by the guests by participating in different activities or competitions.

Case Management

Individual assessments are managed on a case by case basis by professional staff, including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and social workers to provide personalised nursing care plans for each guest.

Health and Nursing Care

Body checks, care services and health tips are provided for the guests by the professional nursing staff.

Exercise and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation training is provided to improve the elderly’s physical mobility and self-care abilities.

Social Activities

Carefully managed social activities are run to keep the elderly engaged and socially active to help ensure their emotionally stability and strength.

Daily Living Skills Training

Different levels of daily self-care training and guided toilet training etc, are provided to help the elderly maintain their functional capacity and self-care abilities.

Interest Groups and Activities

A variety of social activities are organised to encourage the elderly to fill their spare time in an enjoyable and productive way. The activities includes interest groups, recreational activities, cognitive health groups, reminiscence groups, sensory groups, health care talks and birthday parties.

Diversified Facilities

A community space has been designed to help guests maintain their recall, memory and recognition. The space includes a nostalgic street, a nostalgic restaurant, bus stop, grocery store, park and indoor garden.

Daily Routines

Daily routines are encouraged to help the elderly sleep better and enjoy restful sleep throughout the night.

Catering Services

Healthy balanced diets approved by qualified nutritionists are provided.

Smart Safety Protection Systems

A facial recognition door guard system is used in the Day Care Centre to increase the safety of those who may wander outside

Value Added Services

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive training and other value-added services are offered so family members may select additional specialised care according to their needs

Service Target

People living in the Sham Shui Po area who meet the following criteria:

Opening Hours


The Day Care Centre accepts Community Care Service vouchers for the elderly. The service will be opened for non-Community Care Service Voucher users in Q3 2021 (Subject to availability)

Pine Care Point

Shop G1B & 1/F – 3/F, Maintown Plaza,
223 – 239 Nam Cheong Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon