Internationally Recognized Accreditations

In our effort to become not just the number one brand in Hong Kong, but rather a truly world class player in elderly care, Pine Care Group has obtained two internationally recognized accreditations in every one of our 9 care and attention homes; including ISO9001 which emphasizes on management processes, and the ISQUA recognized accreditation awarded by the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology which focuses on nursing care.

The ISO 9001 standard was established by the International Standards Organization and is now one of the world's most recognized quality management systems. It was designed to ensure that participating organizations are able to consistently demonstrate high levels of service quality. The ISO9001 core principles are fully aligned with all of Pine Care Group's service commitments, customer needs, and business objectives, enabling us to efficiently and effectively execute management processes with a much higher level of accountability and traceability.

The accreditation by the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology focuses on the technical aspects of nursing care, and was designed by using the best practices from a number of foreign countries as a starting point and then adding requirements that are specific to the Hong Kong environment.

Independent Quality Assurance Committee

In 2001, Pine Care Group established the Independent Quality Assurance Committee, a committee consisting of elderly residents, family members, staff members, senior management, and independent personnel who are unconnected to Pine Care Group in any way. The responsibility of the Committee is to further enhance our level of quality by providing a fresh perspective on our operations, and offering unbiased opinions and suggestions. Each committee member is required to conduct unscheduled visits to our operations annually and to submit a report to the senior management with their findings and suggestions. Over the years, the Committee has proved to be an extremely effective way for Pine Care Group to monitor its quality from an unbiased third party, and is a fruitful source of innovation ideas.


Continuous and frequent training has always been a pillar of Pine Care Group’s strengths. The training program for each staff position is standardized across all of our 9 care and attention homes, and incorporates the best practices drawn from our accreditations standards as well as our decades of experiences. The training programs are executed by a team of dedicated internal trainers. Additionally, our standardized internal testing scheme ensures that each of our staff members is always up to date with their technical knowledge.

In addition to internal training, Pine Care Group also regularly engages expert instructors to cover a wide range of special topics to complement our training programs.